Motorhome Security Tips from Locksonline

Motorhome Security Tips from Locksonline

As is the case with many other forms of property though, thieves target motorhomes regularly with high success. The result can sometimes be catastrophic for obvious reasons, one of the worst being that this will not likely be over due to insurance firm’s bureaucratic nature of taking customer’s payments and being reluctant to return them their due. The best way to reduce the chance of this happening is to be proactive in securing your motor home and Locksonline can provide some helpful tips. I work with security specialist and managing director Darrel Walters. He has 15 years of experience online working with his website He regularly posts video on our YouTube channel that helps visitors and subscribers get useful tips  and ideas and we use it as a platform to help break down products and engage our customers with our range of basic and useful to extremely unique products. This ranges from door locks to high definition video wireless door intercom systems and many more. Darrel also has 25 years experience as a locksmith working every single day with both businesses, helping customers on a personal level, leaving them understanding the sometimes complex process of security. A few years ago Practical Caravan wrote an article about how easy it was to circumvent door locks on caravans and motor homes. We were mentioned as being a supplier of the Armaplate security products that protect the lock on the doors from being pulled with a throw hammer.

Here we are going to outline some tips to aid motorhome owners secure their vehicles:

Maintain or fit an alarm. You might think this is generic but they should be checked and serviced every 6-12 months and before trips. There is absolutely no point having it if it doesn’t work. Doubles up as a deterrent. Make sure you put your signage up too for extra security kudos.

Wheel locks are extremely practical and easy to fit. They are also very good visual deterrents.

Make sure your main entrances are firmly secured. Standard locks provided with most motorhomes often make an easy job for a thief and they can sometimes pop the entire lock in seconds due to their flimsy nature and bad design.

Tracking devices left in the motorhome, according to reports, have an extremely high percentage of success (98-99%). This doesn’t prevent damage or deter thieves, but does almost guarantee that police will know where it is when you need to.

Old and new motorhomes are often targeted alike. There is plenty of opportunity for a thief with an old stolen motorhome as well as a new one. Some older models contain high grade aluminium and the chassis itself is very valuable when stripped. Current market rates are extremely high and possibly the reason for criminals to seek out these materials.

Wheel clamps are the equivalent of a brick wall to a criminal looking to steal your motorhome. They have similar benefits to wheel locks in that they are easy to install and are a visual deterrent.

Police approved campsites are available all around the UK and are generally patrolled. Although the reason for this is most likely an increased theft rate of the risen number of people going on the road during the summer months, they are however a safe haven for a weary traveller in unique and sometimes remote campsites.

Make sure windows, and other smaller possible entrances are secured and maintained. The stays and rim locks often degrade due to weather erosion and general wear and tear. It would be wise to invest in high quality hardware to correctly secure what is a costly and therefore sometimes vulnerable asset.

We hope you have found these tips useful and enjoy your travels wherever you go. Take care and most importantly enjoy your travels.

Leigh Donoghue

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