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Fordingbridge 5-8th September 2019

Rally Report from Pam

Rapido Rally at Hill Cottage Farm Fordingbridge 5-8th September 2019


We arrived on a lovely sunny day to find most people had already arrived. Gerry and Charles were rally stewards and welcomed us with a hot drink and biscuits.

We settled in and went to the gazebo to meet old friends. Discussing previous rallies and especially the one we had held at this site many years ago. Most people remembered it but not as it is now – back then we had a brilliant barn dance in the games room but we were all trying to avoid CCTV as the site owner didn’t allow ralliers to use the toilet block! We all had a laugh about that. The new toilet block is very pleasant and the site staff were also, and very friendly.
Then the surprise, well to me it was a surprise. The pop top being towed by a Classic 33 year old Mercedes Sports Car, John and Lorraine K (+ 2 little dogs) had arrived. The car is capable of doing 126mph but hopefully not with the pop top attached! We understand the pop top was preowned by Des and Freda who sadly are no longer able to rally.
John and Rose had arrived a couple of days early as they were probably fed up with being at home, and had sussed out the surroundings.
We all met in the evening for nibbles and wine, supplied by marshals. More banter, as usual, in-between trying out wasabi bites, which were too hot for some to handle, then off to bed.

We were greeted by rain but it didn’t last long and didn’t stop caravanners going off and exploring. We walked to the pub in the village to see if it would be possible to do in the dark on Sunday evening, as a meal had been arranged there. We decided it wasn’t really because once you got to the end of the woods there was a really dangerous road with no pavement. You couldn’t see traffic approaching and you had to walk 100 yards or so on the unlit road. It was, however, an interesting walk, as the site had given us detailed instructions to find the way.
Rose and John were going to look at a stately home in Hampton Lacey, not too far away, but when they returned Rose told me of the problems they had trying to find it and then gave up and came back.
Eric and Margaret and Michael and Linda all went off to Ringwood or Lymington, depending on who you spoke to. Looked around and then had a meal.
Lorraine K wasn’t well and stayed in bed all day. John went off to a farm shop nearby.
Lorraine H and David walked around the lakes on site although I don’t think anyone was that impressed with them, especially if you wanted to fish there.
In the evening we had arranged to go for a meal in the site restaurant. We dressed up and walked up to have a lovely meal, mostly fish and chips but well worth the cost and not far to go. Then back to the gazebo. By now we had discovered that Gerry had made out 4 different quizzes for us to try our hand at. Cryptic towns and cities, Cryptic drinks (alcoholic of course, she obviously knows the Rapido members), Ditloids – a difficult one and a killer one. Eric had started to do a jigsaw which stayed in the gazebo and others attempted to put bits in when visiting the tent.
Another lovely evening and back to our vans.

Eric and Margaret and Michael and Linda had an adventure off to Christchurch, wandering around and a meal.
Gerry and Charles decided to go to Rockbourne Roman Villa, not far away. When they came back they said as there were only them and one other couple there and most of the exhibits had been covered up it was a bit disappointing, but they did think it was worth a visit.
John and Lorraine K went to the Camping and Leisure shop in Ringwood, but were disappointed in it as there wasn’t that much there. Although there were a lot of donkeys outside the Fighting Cocks in Godshill.
Lorraine H and David and us stayed on site and talked, as usual, putting the world, or UK to rights, in their van. We completed some of Eric’s jigsaw and when he returned he carried on and finished it. Then L and D did the woods walk and agreed that it was too dangerous.
We met again in the gazebo in the evening.

John and Lorraine K went off to walk with the dogs to Godshill.
We had flag, not in the gazebo, but outside! Plaques were given out, rally marshals thanked for their work over the weekend, the raffle prizes given out and the answers to the quizzes given. I think Rose and Lorraine got most of the answers correct, but as there were no prizes no one was really worried. An interesting choice of quizzes though. Then, John and Lorraine K had bought croissants for everyone and when John won some liquorice allsorts and David some chocolates we all had a share.
A few members sat in their chairs after flag and were still there at 2pm not having moved. I think it was a bit of a lazy day for most. (Although after the impromptu breakfast they obviously weren’t that hungry)
We had friends from Poole who came to take us into Fordingbridge for the afternoon, where we had an interesting walk and coffee.
In the evening we were all ferried to the local pub for a lovely meal. Then as if it hadn’t been filling enough, most of us had a very large sweet as well.

Pamela, he who must be obeyed Ian, and Beni the cat

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